CA Worker Classification Laws Gone Bad

This article does a good job of showing how the CA laws and court decisions making it harder to work as a contractor are harming those the law was supposed to protect.

With the Gig economy gaining increased momentum during the COVID pandemic, many of these attempts to make everyone an employee are archaic and behind the times. Odd for such a “progressive” state like CA.

Wall Street Journal article about comedians (and others) losing work

2019 Standard Mileage Rates Released


The IRS released the new standard rates for mileage deductions. They are:
58c/ mile for business
14c/mile charity
20c/mile medical
26c/mile depreciation

Keep in mind for 2019 to 2025, a taxpayer can no longer deduct employment expenses unless they are in the military, or performing artists. Self-employed individuals and businesses can still deduct their mileage expenses.