Relief for Those Stuck in the US due to COVID

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This is for all those individuals and corporations with representatives that are not permanently living in the US but are working in the US temporarily or snowbirding.

A number of filing situations are triggered once an individual has spent more than 183 days in the US. Not every person is affected by this but some have delicate situations that are dependent on spending less than 183 days in the US (for example, FBAR filings, creating a Permanent Establishment etc.).

This week the IRS released guidance for situations where COVID prevents an individual from returning to their home country. Simply put, an individual will be able to exempt up to 60 days of presence in the US beginning at any date between February 1st and April 1st.

Here is the link to the announcement COVID and Days of Presence in the US

Quote from Canadian Tax Foundation Newsletter (look what US tax reform has done)

Canada.JPGTime is required to properly digest the complex US proposals (after all, the US Treasury itself has not yet released regulations), but it will be very important for our government to acknowledge the proposals’ impact on Canada and to indicate a path forward. Canada has many advantages. Perhaps we have relied too much, for too many years, on our competitive tax rate relative to the United States’. Now that we no longer enjoy the tax rate advantage, a new course needs to be plotted.

CRA Requiring Transcripts of US Returns for Foreign Tax Credit

CRA has decided that all claims for foreign tax credits should come as official notices vs copies of tax returns from other countries. Effective immediately, clients will require an official Notice of Assessment from a foreign country to claim FTC. For US credits, a copy of the 1040, state return and W2s was was. One problem – the IRS and state tax agencies do not issue Notices of Assessments and some transcripts are not available till the summer. We will see how this plays out. CRA is allowing proof of payment or receipt of refund along with a copy of the return