Christmas in July??!

Child Tax Credit Payments

Last week, a lot of people might have woken up to a surprise deposit(s) in their bank account. If you weren’t aware the Child Tax Credit is being distributed now to parents that have children 17 years and younger. Qualified individuals will expect to receive between $250 and $300 monthly per child! The IRS will be making these payments on the 15th every month (except if the 15th falls on a holiday or a weekend).

Read more regarding the child tax credit here!

Unemployment Benefit Recalculation Refunds

Another deposit you might see in your bank account is from Unemployment department. The IRS has been amending returns of individuals that had filed early on and did not receive the unemployment exemption that President Biden approved mid March. Be on the lookout for this deposit as well if you had unemployment income last year and have not received this unemployment refund yet!

Read more about unemployment benefit recalculation here!

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