Our 2020 Workbook – Available in January!

Believe it or not, with it being an election year, there will potentially be changes in the tax laws. We usually have our new workbook out by this time, but due to senate runoffs, we have decided to hold off until January 2021, due to these potential changes.

If you’ve already decided to get your paperwork together for us, that is awesome! You may use our 2019 Workbook and send that in, or decide to wait for new workbook coming out soon.

Whatever you do, do not wait long to at least get your file started with TravelTax. Remember, we process client documents in the order that they come in, so to claim your slot, you may do so by sending in the contact information page, travel contracts (if you are a traveler) and a copy of your driver’s license (if you are a new client or if your previous one is expired). This will save your place in line, and you can send in the rest of your documents as soon as you have them available.

We look forward to working with you this coming tax season!

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